Boating Safety Equipment Requirements (USCG)

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Boating Safety Equipment Requirements (USCG)

Post  Davey Welsh on Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:16 am

I am making this sticky for all of the guys on the forum here. These regulations are taken straight from the US Coast Guard and are dependant upon the SIZE of your boat.

Remember, that this list is only what is required by the US Coast Guard (and yes, you can be ticketed for non-compliance). It may be a good idea to carry more than the required, especially since we hunt during the most dangerous time of year to be on the water!

Boats Under 16ft. (Most duck boats)

- One type of Coast Guard approved life jacket must be on board for each person on the boat.

- One electric distress light or three combination (day/night) red flares when operating between sunset and sunrise. *This only applies when operating greater than 1 Nautical Mile distance from any land*

- One Marine Type USCG B-I fire extinguisher if your boat has an inboard engine, enclosed compartments where fuel or flammable and combustible materials are store, closed living spaces, or permanently installed fuel tanks. Fire Extinguisher is NOT required if you have removable fuel tanks.

- A sufficient way to make a sound signal, like a whistle or an air horn, but not a human produced noise.

- Navigation Lights Required to be displayed sunset to sunrise.

Boats Over 16ft. but less than 26ft. require all of the above PLUS -

- Also must have one Type V, throwable type of PFD.

- One orange distress flag and one electric distress light, or three hand-held or floating orange smoke signals and one electric distress light, or three combination (day/night) red flares: hand-held, meteor or parachute type.

- Ventilation If your boat was built after April 25, 1940 and uses gasoline in an enclosed engine or fuel tank compartment, it must have natural ventilation. If it was built after July 31, 1980 it must have an exhaust blower.

- If you have an installed toilet, you must have an operable MSD, Type I, II, or III.

That is the list of required equipment from the USCG. To read more, see here

Also, feel free to ADD any additional safety equipment that you think should be carried during the duck season.

- Davey

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