Do you trailer an outboard on your BBSB?

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Do you trailer an outboard on your BBSB?

Post  gdriscoll on Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:47 pm

I currently do not trailer with my engines on. The mud motor is a PIA to get on/off at ramp. I was thinking of beefing up the transom so I could trailer my 15hp outboard and 7.5hp mud motor.
Beefing up....adding 3/4" marine plywood and re-glassing.

I have a 1996 Fricke Box and a 1970s S. Hunt box.

Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.
(sorry for the duplicate post...went to the wrong forum first)


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Re: Do you trailer an outboard on your BBSB?

Post  Davey Welsh on Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:54 pm

I have always trailed with my motor on. I have an Estuary now, so its not even a concern. But when I did have wooden sneak boxes, I always trailed with the motor attached, even if it required beefing up the transom. The thickness of the transom is not the only concern you should have either, make sure it is securely attached and supported as well, and then your motor mount or motor board should be a solid piece of oak or mahogany, like 2" thick and use big bolts too.

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