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Post  DanF on Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:56 am

Slowly my mud boat project is coming along. I need to do a few more odds and ends on the motor, clean up wiring, new oil, air filter, ect. After this crazy week of work and hopefully a goose shoot sat, I will start on the boat blind. I picked up all the conduit last week and am ordering a boat load ( Very Happy ) of raffia tomorrow, followed by canvas and netting later in the week. My credit card is on fire!!

Sorry about the video quality. I stole this from my girlfriend's cell. We were out doing a little fishing and boat testing Sunday. The high tide and east wind pushed up alot of water in the marsh. I feel a little bad about running through the rice and other seed bearing marsh plants that ducks eat before the seed has completely fallen, but I couldn't resist for the purpose of testing Very Happy


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