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Post  feathhd on Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:08 am

I was reading your season issues and survey issue and noted that some had drawn fire on the survey being sent out to the 1st time duck hunter.

I agree with you in this respect, yes their opinion matters but it should not carry the weight as a 10 to 30 year waterfowling vet. In opinion why would you fire a guy to work on your duck boat if the only thing he knows is how to paint? lol

However something I thought you should look at, just encase.

Request the data on how many surveys had been sent out to the 1st time duck hunter and how many of those had been returned? Important thing to know is how many returned them and that specific sampling size? How many?

The next thing to know is how many of the surveys went out to those who had bought a waterfowl lic 5 of the past 5 years and how many of those had been returned?

I suspect that is how they got the data to begin with is based on 5 year purchase cycle.

Now this is where it gets good. When you get both numbers for both sets of waterfowlers compare.

Is the sample size of the 1st time duck Hunter greater number 1 and is the return % greater number 2?

You have to make sure your sample size of both are respectably close, if they are not and weighted heavy on one and not the other, your data could be bias and not worth the toilet paper it takes to wipe your hide. If you catch my drift.

I can speak to this very subject very well, went through it and can say at least from my location the reason why they poll the 1st time hunter is because they make up the BULK of who is buying the waterfowl lic. You see its not so much about giving guys the opportunity as it is about an agency being able to generate revenues. Big factor and sometimes if your paying attention as a hard core duck hunter you can catch the data sample size info and use it to your advantage to counter the bs you struggle with.

Anyone feel free to call or e mail me if you wish to talk further.

Bill Smith


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